Landon Donovan Talks World Cup Dreams and That Legendary Goal


Even the most casual American soccer fan knows about Landon Donovan — and for good reason. After all, the man is generally regarded as the greatest soccer player the United States has ever produced

The 32-year-old Donovan has played so much soccer, in fact, that he took a self-imposed three-month hiatus from the

Breakthrough could help solve solar power’s biggest problem: Power generation at night

A new energy storage breakthrough could pave the way for low cost thermal systems based on solar energy -- without any need for specialized hardware or rare-earth materials.

Tatiana Maslany Ready for Season 2 of ‘Orphan Black’

Tatiana Maslany is one of the quickest rising, yet most unheard of stars in television currently. The 28-year-old Saskatchewan, Canada native has been in the acting business since 1997, yet most of her roles over the course of those 17 years have been relatively minor. In 2013, Maslany appeared on the hit NBC comedy Parks

Google Camera App Brings Lens Blur Background Defocus To Any KitKat Android Devices

Google has a new standalone camera app available in the Google Play app store, and it can be installed on any smartphones or tablets running KitKat 4.4 or higher. The new app will also be rolling out to other devices in the future according to Google, so that might expand beyond just KitKat to

Weibo May Look Like Twitter, But Its IPO Probably Won’t


Bill Gates uses the site to talk about public policy issues to his more than 3 million followersTom Cruise uses the service to promote his latest films and press appearances to more than 5 million followers. Prominent politicians like David Cameron and Shimon Peres are on it talking about their travels, though

Google Launches Chrome Remote Desktop On Android, Allowing Mobile Access To Your PC

Google this morning launched a mobile client application called “Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android” (whew!) which allows for remote access to your Mac or PC from your Android device, whether smartphone or tablet. The new app is an extension of Google's previously launched Chrome Remote Desktop screen sharing service, which allows you to

Nissan Debuts ‘Futuristic’ Murano With NASA-Inspired Seats


Nissan took the wraps off it latest version of the Nissan Murano SUV at the New York International Auto Show in New York on Wednesday

On hand to introduce the vehicle to the American public was Nissan's senior vice president and chief creative officer, Shiro Nakamura

See also: Nissan Plans to Offer Driverless Cars

‘The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin’: an Exclusive First Look


They call it “digital gold," but is Bitcoin the future of money, or a shiny distraction for digital fools?

Created in 2009 by a still-unknown programmer using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin is now accepted by many merchants all over the world. But for most of us, the open-source currency is still an

Linksys WRT1900AC review: Fast, easy to set up, and every feature you can imagine

The original blue-and-black Linksys WRT54G wireless router, released way back in 2002, holds an odd place in my heart. On the one hand, it was cheap and performed reasonably well, but on the other it also crashed regularly and was a pain in the ass to set up. Fortunately, 11 years on, things have

Instagram Reassigned Inactive “Kathleen” Username To An Employee But Will Give It Back

Is Instagram going around stealing users' account and distributing them to employees? That's the far-out claim from designer Brian Hoff, who says his wife's Instagram account, with the likely much-desired username of "@kathleen" was taken from her control and is now being used by another Kathleen, who also happens to be a current Facebook/Instagram