Shaq’s LinkedIn Profile Belongs in the Internet Hall of Fame


During his Hall of Fame NBA career, Shaquille O'Neal went by a plethora of nicknames — the Big Aristotle, the Big Shaqtus and the Big Shamrock among them

Now, it's time to add a new jumbo-sized moniker to Shaq's list: The Big Networker

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The Internet at large

Netflix Launches First Spanish-Language Original Series


Netflix is making good on its promises to focus on international growth with the announcement of its first Spanish-language original series.

The new program will center on a family at odds over the inheritance of a soccer team. It will feature 13 episodes and debut in 2015. Mexican director Gaz Alazraki will produce

Chelsea: Three Members Of Football Club Hit With Misconduct Charges

The Chelsea Football Club is one of the oldest and most revered teams in all of England. Over the years, the club has seen massive success and is still the only British club to have ever won all three main UEFA club competitions. Now the team has found itself in some hot water thanks to

Lytro’s New Shoot Now, Focus Later Camera Targets Prosumers

The folks who introduced the masses to ex post facto focusing upped their game Tuesday with the introduction of a new camera aimed at shooters who take their photography seriously. The Illum, by Lytro, contains an updated version of the company's innovative Light Field engine, which allows the focus in a photo to be manipulated

1957 Murder Charge Appealed, Called “Emotion Based”

A 1957 murder charge has been appealed by a former police officer who was sentenced to life in prison, due to what his family says was an “emotion based” trial.

74-year old Jack Daniel McCullough was convicted in 2012 of the 1957 kidnapping and murder of 7-year old Maria Ridulph, even though there was no

Watch the First 50 Seconds of ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Season 2


Orange Is the New Black's sophomore season will begin with a seemingly delusional Piper Chapman in solitary confinement, facing punishment for pummeling fellow prison inmate Pennsatucky in the first season's finale. That scene, below, has arrived online.

The opening sequence, which debuted Wednesday on Entertainment Weekly, gives fans a sneak peek well before

The FCC Is Unfazed By AT&T’s Threat To Boycott Next Year’s Spectrum Auction

AT&T's recent threat to steer clear of a spectrum auction, scheduled for next year, isn't scaring the FCC. FCC chief Tom Wheeler today dismissed AT&T's poise, stating that he has a "hard time envisioning this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for this kind of beach-front spectrum being something that people throw up their hands and walk away

Will Facebook Dodge The Teen Usage Question Again?

When Facebook mentions a slight drop in young US teen usage during Q3 2013 earnings, its share price fell 18%, disentegrating well over $10 billion in value. So last quarter it said "in terms of teens we don't have any new data to report" and $FB climbed 13% the next day on strong mobile

Happy 100th, Wrigley Field: An Iconic Ballpark Through the Years


It's all grown up.

On Wednesday, April 23, 2014, Wrigley Field — home of the Major League Baseball's Chicago Cubs — turns 100 years old, making it the second-oldest ballpark in the U.S., behind Boston's Fenway Park. Like Fenway, Wrigley has become a site of tremendous sentimental value to baseball fans, a brick-and-mortar

Delightful, The ‘Date Concierge’ Startup Out Of OKCupid Labs, Hits The Deadpool

Just three months after its public launch, Delightful, the startup that helped build “tailored dates” for romantic couples short on time, has shut down. Delightful was created last year as one of the first products out of OK Cupid Labs, and quietly launched in beta last year. The company's service, which allowed you to